grammar check freeThe Cor Unum Meal Center relies on the assistance of volunteers to function. As a volunteer, you will not be an “extra helper” but rather a vital element of our ability to serve the people in our community.


Greeters provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for diners at Cor Unum by pleasantly greeting guests at the main entrance and helping to orient diners and other visitors by answering questions and directing diners to the dining room or to waiting areas when there is a wait for seats. This will require a positive and welcoming personality, comfort in dealing with diverse groups of people, and a good sense of humor.


Greet diners as they sit down at available seats at tables. Pick-up prepared meals from the kitchen and serve to corresponding guests. Refill drinks as needed. You may need to assist with resetting tables for new guests. Waiters and waitresses may assist before the meal in setting-up the dining room and after the meal in dining room clean-up.


Clean dishes, utensils, glasses, pots, pans and equipment in the kitchen area. Team work with others who will dry or put away dishes and other equipment. Help maintain kitchen and surrounding area. May help with trash.

 Dining Room Clean Up

After meals, assist food servers in cleaning the dining room so that it will be clean and ready for the next meal served. Activities will include removing items from tables, sanitizing tables and chairs, picking up and emptying trash, sanitizing carts and trays and taking them into the kitchen for storage, and sweeping and mopping dining room floor.

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Did you Know?

Almost 100 billion pounds of edible food are thrown away each year by retailers, restaurants, and farmers. Talk to your local supermarket, food distributor, or wholesaler about donating surplus food to Cor Unum.